Knife for life...


My hobby

I made the first knife sometime at the age of 9 with the professional help of my grandfather. And after many years, I decided to return to this job and created the YORKEES Knives brand.

It's really my big hobby. I mainly produce knives for nature, whether it is a construction on a thorn (I call them "scandi") or full tang.

My main priority is to make the knife beautiful and exclusive, have a perfect cut geometry as well as a perfect grip.

I use the highest quality materials and procedures. I do not perform custom production, but I believe that my portfolio will be so comprehensive that we will always agree. :-)

Quality materials

A top knife requires top materials, that can't be talked about.

I use quality steel for the production of blades, especially resistant to corrosion. I work mostly with powder steel RWL34, Elmax, M390, often also N690 - cobalt steel from Austria, or K110 (D2).

In the first place is stabilized wood and exotic woods. I often work with acrylates, casting resins, fiberglass laminate G10, antlers, stainless steel, fiber, alpaca ... etc.

Cowhide approx. 3-4mm, Kydex - thermoplastic. The cases are universal for both right-handers and left-handers



My collection consists of 2 types of knives, according to their construction:

a) Full Tang - the blade starts with the tip and ends with the foot of the handle. The handle then consists of attachments, which are, for example, glued, screwed or riveted to the blade. This group consists of knives: Monarch, Remus, Samael, Raven, Warlock.

b) On the thorn (Suomi or Scandi) - the blade turns into a thorn, to which the handle is then glued. This group includes: Taiga and Polar.

All blades are prepared by so-called grinding, material removal. After that, they are professionally hardened in a vacuum tempering plant to the required hardness, usually above 60 HRC. (Rockwell hardness scale).

Quality / Price

Quality comes first, personally I can't imagine doing something so-called "half", or that I would release something into the world that I don't stand for.

I make knives from the highest quality materials and I pay great attention to following all procedures. Each knife has its absolute exclusivity, each knife is a unique original!

The minimum time for the production of such a knife, including the case is about 20 hours of clean work + energy costs, consumables, etc. (if someone can do it faster, please send me instructions).

These are also the reasons why I don't usually discuss prices on prices :-)

Specific prices are then listed for each free knife.


Each knife includes a certificate that contains all the information about the materials used, the designation and number of the knife, the date of manufacture, the date of sale, etc. (keep it)

The Yorkees Knives warranty is 10 years and covers defects in material, both blades and handles. However, the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or loss of material caused by, for example, grinding, scratching, etc.

The knife is designed for cutting and slicing !!!

It is not intended for chopping, prying, screwing, throwing (since that we have throwing knives). The knife must also be protected from falling.

If you buy a knife and it does not "fit" you, you can return it immediately, undamaged. Just write and an agreement is possible.

Knife vare

Keep the knife dry, separate from the others, preferably in the case.

The knife is designed for cutting and slicing, so take a different tool for everything else.

Cut on a suitable base (wood, cutting board), definitely not on a plate, plate or glass. Roll the sliced with the back of the blade, not the blade! Always wipe the knife dry.
Do not stab the knife into the ground.
Keep the knife sharp! Ceramic steel and leather strap are suitable for maintaining the blade.
For grinding, then grinding stones, preferably Cerax 1000. Avoid any grinding on disc grinders, if you have no experience. Also, do not use stretching systems.
If you are unsure, consult an expert, or at least check out You Tube.


That is perfection. As soon as I picked up the pole, I knew immediately that I would not let go.



Beautiful design and perfect workmanship.



A beautiful knife and it cuts unbelievably, it's just a razor. I had already cut myself, I didn't even feel it :-).



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