Who I am ?

Yorkee :-)

I'm Jiří Réda, and they call me Yorkee. I am a Moravian, living in western Bohemia, where I work as a manager. And that's a little on the head, and not when you have to use that head every day :-)
And that's why relaxation is the most important thing for me.

In my free time I focus mainly on metal music. I work in the prog metal band ERELEY. (www.ereley.cz).

And as far as it goes, I'm a biker - a loner and I like to glide on the western border on my chooper.

And when the weather doesn't allow it, which is quite often here, I relax by making knives. I'm learning, I'm learning all the time, and that manual work fills me endlessly, even though I often fly to all over the world and my nervous system crawls on the ceiling.

But when I have a knife in my hand, I'm as proud as a flock of peacocks. I just do what I enjoy.

So making knives is my big hobby and relax. I have no plans to make a living or build a factory. I only work when I want to. I also announce in advance that I only do what I want, what I like and therefore I do not plan custom production. The idea that someone would like a knife with a pink-green handle, for example, is quite scary :-)

Thanks for visiting my website, hopefully my work will conjure up a smile and joy